We were too scared to interview Brooklyn’s Odd Future Wolf Gang Kill ‘Em All ourselves, so we got our mortal enemy The Good Count, aka the siffest poes on the planet, to take the rap.g> Badass gnar-rap that is.

He survived with his fannypack in order and his toupee intact and you will too: the Gang may spit about rape, gore and murdering pre-teens, but they’re secretly super nice. Just don’t call them horrorcore.


Ok, so before I go ahead and try and compare your sound to anything I have ever heard. I’m gonna stop myself right there and not do that. Too easy… and it’s fucking idiotic to be frank – so YOU tell me who/what the fuck OFWGKTA is!
OFWGKTA is a big fucking movement on the West Coast, to the UK. We are a group of artists who craft our music, graphic art, photography, skating etc. Mainly, all of us are bastards and don’t give a fuck.

I see lots of people already harping about you being “horrorcore”. You guys don’t seem to like this much: “We don’t listen to anticormpop or Gravediggerz or none of that shit. We don’t fucking make horrorcore. I wish you peeps would fucking stop!” How would class your music instead?
Our music has its own genre and the genre is called “Fucking Awesome”. We hate to be compared to other groups, unless its like Wu Tang or some shit. Our music comes from our definition of dope.

Odd Future Wolf Gang Kill Them All – that’s a long ass name? How did it come about?
The name came about as we grew together as a team. When it was me (Hodgy), Tyler and Left Brain only, we were Odd Future. When Earl, Domo, and Mike G became a part of the crew, Tyler expanded the name after he found his alter ego “Wolf”.

How many members do you guys have? Are all of you actively spitting shit on the regular? Explain the OFWGKTA dynamic to the people out there.
Tyler The Creator: You can catch him in the studio composing beats. He writes very slender, but when he does write and record it’s for a great cause or feeling.
Left Brain: Left makes beats all fucking day long. Tyler and Left feed off of each other when composing. You can tell their similarities and differences, from the percussion to the keys.
Hodgy Beats (me): I write damn near everyday. I record as much as I can. Sometimes I’ll go into the studio with about five songs to record and they’ll be recorded all in that session. I work hard explaining my hunger.
Domo Genesis: Domo comes in the studio with Mary Jane. He won’t fucking record unless there is a high in the atmosphere. Domo is easily motivated when in the studio and works well under crunch time.
Mike G: Mike is always in the studio. He doesn’t write much in the studio, but I can tell he writes when he’s alone. He likes to work silently, which I respect. Some artists need to be alone to let out thoughts and emotions. Mike is a swagged out nigga and he works hard.
Syd The Kyd: She is our engineer/producer. Syd mixes all of our shit and puts in more work than any of us – spending hours making sure we sound fucking awesome on any song we release.

“They Are Them. We Are Us. Kill Them. All. Fuck Twitter – Only Made This Shit So You Fucking People Can Know When We Drop Shit… and Shit. Wolf Gang.” I have to say that’s one of the sweetest Twitter “bio’s” I’ve ever seen. What do you have to say about using “twitter” as tool of self-promotion?
Twitter is great. We actually use it to keep people updated on our tapes coming out in the future and what we are doing to progress. There is lots of joking and ‘don’t give a fuck’-ing going on on Twitter, but we use it for its cause.

Do you all skate? How long have you guys been skating for?
Tyler: I do. I’ve been swagging since I was 12, but didn’t get serious until 08

Is Earl retarded, or does he just always look like that? Is he the “comedian” in the group?
Earl is actually very intellectual. Have you listened to his music closely? He writes that shit. Earl is one of four comedians in the group. I’d truly say that Tyler is the lead when the jokes are on.

There’s this video where you guys all drink this fucked up cocktail and vomit blood and shit. It’s pretty fucking gnar! Do you guys shoot all your own videos?
We do shoot our own videos and edit them. The video “Earl”, however, was shot by a friend of ours. We normally like to keep our shit in-house, but for once we let someone else fucking shoot and edit.

Have you ever beat up or severely wounded a small to medium-sized child?
No comment.

Well – for what it’s worth I’m a jaded old fuck who pretty much hates most shit made pre-1998, and i think you guys are fucking jazzy as fuck! [Tyler] For the record … you guys are doing some good shit ! What I love most of all is it just seems like you guys are bunch of bad kids having some fun, which is how it should be! Stay up! And thanks for this interview – I appreciate it.

[Hodgy] Thank you man. Appreciate the recognition. OFWGKTA.


By The Good Count

Photos Ryan Rigsby

For JUKE Vol.02