June 13, 2011 NIGHTS ⁄  JUKE.LAB VOL.02 – LONDON

We gave London’s weirdest dive bar a makeover and threw a ho-down to celebrate our second issue. We don’t know if it was the ‘buzz’ from all the free coca leaf liquor, or the high middle-aged tranny quotient, or Bo Ningen’s space-prog dj set, but we think we won several dance-offs that never happened.

Tunes from our DJs Skillwizard, Thrush Metal, Ronojoy Dam and 2SHIN had people practically fistbumping themselves. Some folks ripped their clothes off Hulk-style so they could get their naked moobs into the free Mariah and Weezy t-shirts we made with illustrator Tom J. Newell and oki-ni. Other people watched. Other people puked.

It all looked a little like this….