August 9, 2011 FESTIVALS ⁄  PRIMAVERA, 2010

Four reasons why Primavera Sound might be the best festival in the world:

1. It’s in Barcelona. This is great because it’s a smouldering dust pit of culture, food, and people you really want to touch.

2. The music is great. An education in everything from 60s punk to the most modern tech-step. Like ATP but with better dancey stuff.

3. The timing. It goes from 6pm to 6am so you don’t see too much of the day. This is a problem if you’ve booked into a hostel and have to share a dormitory with people who decide to get up in the
day. Not a problem if you book your own apartment with a roof top terrace to chill on.

Top Tip: These two options cost about the same if you shop around.

4. The girls. Roughly 6 times per night you have to stop mid-conversation because you’ve just seen the most beautiful woman in the world. She appears to be everywhere at Primavera.

What else can you mention about a festival you love without boring? Maybe the one encounter with a genuwine musician. The drummer from Titus Andronicus (who were also ace, forgot about them)
looks like Droopy on a confusing mix of speed and dope. When asked if he could help a tired brother out and fix up some party favours with his rad industry contacts, he responded in the coolest East Coast stoner drawl. ‘Doooood, it’s not what I go for. I mean, I don’t judge you, in fact I hope you find as many drugs as you possibly can and do them all,and have the greatest time, but unfortunately I can’t help you out in this situation’. He was a sweetheart. A character from somewhere between Dawson’s Creek and a Harmony Korine movie.

By Mr Greaves

Photos Alex De Mora