Trash Talk are one of the most intense live bands we’ve seen. And we’ve seen Hanson.
Photographer Alex de Mora talks tourbus movies and beat poetry with the raging post-hardcore nice guys.

Trash Talk’s Top Five Tourbus Flicks

1. Top gun
It’s a classic. I had the soundtrack as a kid and used to play with my toy planes as I listened to it.

2. Ferris Bueller
One of my favourite movies. I had a total crush on Sloane Peterson …still do. She’s smokin’. A movie about the coolest day ever.

3. Beverley Hills Cop
The funniest film for one-liners. I’m a huge Judge Reinhold fan.

4. Point Break
The only movie that combined surfing, bank robbing, guns ‘n’ shit. In San Francisco they’re doing a live action play of it!

5. Cabin Fever
On our tour last summer in Europe we had 2 DVDs and that was one of them. We watched that one way more than the other. It’s such a gross movie. It’s a bad film but we had so much fun watching it cos we memorised the whole thing as it’s all we had to watch.

Tell us a secret?
I played Darth Vader AND Chewbacca in a stage play at high school.