Logan White, the photographer we’re hung up on right now, shows us around her brain.

LA’s Logan White has been taking pictures since she was a kohled-up tween, mooching around her childhood home while her Mom pounded the keys, “Musically, Tori Amos was influential when I was in high school. And being around classical music was very important to my artistic development. My mom is a classical concert pianist, so the Romantics, like Rachmaninoff and Chopin, were the soundtrack to my upbringing.”

Logan describes her ‘vibe’ as ‘evocative, romantic and Southern gothic.” Which is better than we did (our mouths were in drool mode). The soundtrack to her darkroom includes a suitably girl powered lineup of Kate Bush, Dead Can Dance, Sinead ‘o Connor, Cocteau Twins, Sade, and Mazzy Star.

Subject-wise, she says, “Usually I’ll photograph someone I know well, who is down for whatever it takes to make an interesting photo – it’s not always a comfortable process.” Since the theme of this issue is IMAGE – which image-makers have influenced her? “Clarence John Laughlin, Francesca Woodman, Hans Bellmer, Nobuyoshi Araki…”

Feast. Your. Eyes.


[For JUKE Vol.03]