Our fashion editor Amy forced herself on original youth subculture capturer Gavin Watson for this squat-centric editorial. (If you don’t have a copy of Gav’s Skins + Punks in your loo, you are wasting a lot of time in there). Here’s her take on the day and some unseen images from the shoot.

Getting to work with Gavin Watson was a bit of a bonus – first off, we didn’t think he’d be into doing something for free for an unknown mag and second we thought he only did gorgeous books and ad campaigns these days. But the great thing about Gav is he’s more into this stuff than the glossy, high profile thing.

He’s an enthusiastic, untainted, down to earth, hilarious guy. Loaded full of stories, from the time he got his first set of photos back at age 13, to the time fashion house Celine used his photo for their runway show last year (he hadn’t heard of the label or Phoebe Philo – so when she asked him to use his photo, he handed it over quite happily for free – doh!).

Casting was also interesting as he just loved everybody – saw the beauty in everyone and told everyone he’d see them there!  Turns out he was dead right when he said ‘Who’s to say that kid and that kid wouldn’t be mates’. The day came off so naturally and easily and yep –  he was right-on about our motley crew.

New face Harmony is a musician who has written for some big industry names, but is not one to name them – we think she was a bit embarrassed. She was made for Gavin’s lens and they got on like a house on fire. It was her third shoot after working as a model for two weeks so you’re probably going to see a lot of her in the future. Kareem was another amazing character – I found him through a mate when I asked for ‘hot crusties’. Kareem works as a tattoo artist but in his spare time loves a bit of skin suspension, and runs nights with his mates called Sex Tek Decadence, which look a bit naughty and painful all at the same time. I’m on his mail-out list but can’t even look directly at the photos yet. Gavin, as you can imagine, is well into it and has probably already been down!

The venue is a squat that I knew through mates in bands who rehearse there. It houses 40 people, 15 dogs and 10 cats and there’s still tons of room- it’s the most inspiring space I’ve ever been to and really made the shoot. I can’t thank the guys here cos the location is a secret for obvious reasons…


By: Amy Leverton

Photos: Gavin Watson

Styling: Ruth Higginbotham

Styling Assistants: Nil Tomakan & Katriona Flynn

Casting consultant: Sarah Bunter

Models: Harmony Boucher @Models1, Emmanuel Bologun @The Eye, Meerek Meinohg, Luke Haseler and Harry Newman

[For JUKE Vol.03]