September 14, 2011 VIDEO ⁄  BEST COAST? A$AP vs. OFWGKTA

So, with the ultimate wet dream coming true for bloggers and college girls when Tyler the Creator won Best New Artist at this year’s VMA’s, some of you may be getting a little tired of the Golf Wang. Because, let’s face it, there are days when we just need your tunes to be a little less about killing girls, absent dads and ADD. And for those days, there’s A$AP.

Fresh faced and straight out of Harlem, they’re a decent antidote to the bug-eyed, salivating Tyler and his crew of misfits. They’ve been putting out videos to some of their tracks online and like Odd Future in their early days are getting plenty of attention. But other than the fact there’s a loads of them in their crew, that’s where the OF similarities end. They’re back-to-basic beats and lo-fi samples combined with rhymes and lines about their days spent drinking, smoking and partying.

Think of them as Biggie to Odd Future’s Tupac. Pick a coast, beef is back,

By Matt Allinson