September 22, 2011 SOUNDS ⁄  Scientists discover cure for Autumn: The Field

The Field – Then It’s White by Kompakt

And by scientists, we mean idiots (us).

The Summer that wasn’t is over people. Like the morning after a night we’ll never remember, we’re waking up blurry eyed and watching Summer sneak her cheeky sunny butt out of the door, like a sneaky whore. But while we wait for the inevitable shame-infused hangover that is Autumn, we’re going to stick on ‘Then It’s White’ from The Field’s new album Looping State of Mind. Eight minutes of lush, dreamy, slightly percussive, piano tinkering and vocal looping goodness is just the serotonin shot to the brain we need to ride out the rain. Well, it’s either this, or crystal meth.

By Matt Allison.