October 3, 2011 VIDEO ⁄  [PHYSICAL] THERAPY?

You can – and maybe even should – catch Physical Therapy in London this week

His recent slew of remixes for cool people has been making us say things like ‘sick’ (we meant good) and ‘rad’ (we meant Brad) and drink cappuccinos (not related to this thought pattern…although…).

But it’s obviously his remix for a seriously uncool person that rules the most. Anyone who’s basically attractive¬†and NY enough to remix homegirl Alicia Keys, without so much as a wink or po-mo apostrophe-fingers move, is a man who knows what is is to dream his dares – and then do them – in a sick (and also rad) way. Don’t try this at home.

(And by “this”, we mean writing “this” terrible).


[Physical Therapy live in London: Thursday 6th October at the Nest, Dalston – DJ set and a No Fear live collab – from 9pm)