October 11, 2011  ⁄  DRUGS ARE BAD.

DRUGS ARE BAD. But druggy music documentaries rule. Bob and the Monster came out earlier this year and you can finally get it in the UK.

Bob Forrest is the lead vocalist and lyricist of LA altern-rock bands Thelonious Monster and The Bicycle Thief. Once a seasoned wreck head, and space cadet buddy of Anthony Kiedis (Red Hot Chili Peppers) he’s also rated as one of the finest musicians of the 80s that threw it all away because of his drug problems. He beat his addictions and became a celebrity drug councillor on TV shows like Celebrity Rehab and Sober House.

Bob and the Monster is his inspiring documentary about his battle against drug addiction, interwoven with plenty of interviews with famous ex-space cadets like Kiedis, Flea, Keith Morris (Circle Jerks) and Courtney Love (was married to that famous dude).

It’s got a cool soundtrack and won awards for best documentary of 2011 at CIMMfest, Gold Coast International Film Festival and Chicago International Movies and Music Festival, so why we’re at work writing about it instead of at home watching it, I have no idea…

[By Aleks Eror]