October 28, 2011 SOUNDS ⁄  NOISE CORE


When did Halloween stop being scary?

Did we hit puberty? Or have we gazed for so long into the abyss without it being into us that it’s started making small talk just to break the tense silence? Either way, this Halloween we’ve taken it upon ourselves to offend the moral majority and poop our pants by turning on the RADIO.

If you’ve ever made the mistake of touching the dial, you’ll know that there are airwaves beyond BBC Radio 1. Most of it’s just broadcasting wasteland, but every once in a while you might just trip over and bust your nose on something worthwhile, like The Sound of Fear on BBC Radio 4. In the spirit of taking back Halloween, they explore a bunch of chilling soundscapes, guided by musicians, filmmakers, ball busting drill sergeants and neurologists to find out what makes hearts palpitate – and schizophrenics mental.

When Halloween turns pussy, the BBC turn pro.