October 28, 2011 VIDEO ⁄  Sigur Rós: FILM: INNI

Sigur Rós: INNI

Look! On the screen! Is it 1920’s Dracula-inspired film Nosferatu? Is it a seriously bizarre reimagining of Sunset Boulevard? Or is it just a really, really long Guiness advert? No, it is in fact, Sigur Ros’ new film Inni.

Filmed at Alexandra Palace in 2008, somewhere between sepia and monochrome, the Icelandic swooncore  crew is offering the 75 minute film and 2-hour live set all wrapped up in one cosy package. And while the film is undoubtedly the star (and it may seem like they’re getting a little bit greedy on the live DVD front) it’s not your grandmom’s live dvd (…yet: Christmas is around the corner).With 18 different cameras used by director Vincent Morrisett during the concert, you not only get a more intimate experience, but you can see the anguish on Jónsi Birgisson’s face – and there ain’t no anguish like Icelandic post-prog anguish.

The film draws you in so well that it’s only when the rainfall of applause appears that you realise you’re watching this all on a screen. Thanks to the use of interview footage or early band performances between songs the whole packages feels torn between whether it’s a proper film or a genuine live gig and, as a result, is a good but not great portrayal of either. Still, it would make a pretty epic Guiness advert.


[Matt Allinson]