Some bands mark Halloween by dressing up in tacky costumes and putting out a few Misfits covers, but The Flaming Lips aren’t just another rock band.

To mark the most rocking day of the year they’re streaming their new tune, 7 Skies H3 all day. Some might roll their eyes and think, what’s so special about streaming a single tune for 24 hours? That’s the thing… it’s just one tune – but it’s 24-HOURS LONG. Just the thought of all the uppers needed to perform that and the comedown afterwards makes us want to cry like soiled-pants children.

That’s not all though, for those that can’t do it all in one sitting; they’re selling 13 limited edition hard drives encased in chrome-drenched, real human skulls for a cool $5000 each. Keeping with the re-materialisation of music, future Flaming Lips output will be found on USB keys encased in edible gummy foetuses, psychedelic frogs and vaginal-skulls. If the record industry wants us to pay for music, they’d best get some tips from the Flaming Lips.



[Aleks Eror]