November 14, 2011 JUKEBOX ⁄  BUST-A-MOVE: EXCLUSIVE 14th MIX


Although they don’t carry the classic rap battle’s exhilarating risk of gunshot wounds to the face, dance battles can bruise egos and breed crushing resentment. Don’t believe us? Have you SEEN West Side Story? Luckily for your eardrums this dance off was a beginning, not an end, for Tracey Duodu and Tom Barber.

To mark the drop of their debut Hide Yourself EP today, JUKE got on the decks with them to throw down an exclusive mix that features all four tracks from the forthcoming EP as well as the sort of jams that inspire their soulful, 90’s R&B and garage-tinged sound. It was the perfect opportunity to get to know them a bit better…


Word on the street is you two met in a dance battle. Who won? There were many victims during that battle. Innocent people witnessed things that no man should ever have to see. But ultimately, Tracey was victorious.

What’s your signature dance move? I could never pick one move; that would be like choosing a favourite colour. In isolation, they are meaningless.

There’s a really original and subtle garage element to some of your music… do you merely take inspiration from garage or are you taking it upon yourselves to resurrect the genre and give it a second crack of the whip? Definitely taking inspiration from some of the records we loved listening to growing up, but hopefully channeling those into a new context and imagining them in a new way rather than attempting to resurrect something that’s passed.

What’s the next for 14thWe just supported Azari and III last week, which was wicked, and our next live show is November 16th at Hoxton Square Bar & Kitchen at their Gold Dust night. We should have our next single out in February and an album coming in 2012.



14th – Lights Off

Wookie – Scrappy

C&C Factory – Just A Touch Of Love

Suga Rush Beat Company – L-O-V-E

Kelis – Get Along With You

Erykah Badu – Danger

14th – Millionaire (Remix)

Busta Rhymes & Janet Jackson – What’s It Gonna Be

Antonio – Hyperfunk

14th – Hide Yourself

Liquid – Sweet Harmony

14th – Chimes


[14th mix by Aleks Eror]