November 16, 2011 VIDEO ⁄  MΔRRI$: DREAM GIRLS

MΔRRI$’s UK-bass influenced brand of R&B could be exhuming pop, Lazarus-style with a breath of refreshing honesty.

Free of all the plastic gangsta posturing that dominates R&B, he’s upfront about his aspirations for radio stardom – luckily, only the most hormonal of blog trolls would hate on him for planking the gap between credibility and commercial appeal.

The video for his newest tune, Affairs, is a perfect example of the Kansas guy’s nous. It has all the tits and ass that sell rap videos, but it’s done with an A-list knowingness (in the nubile forms of Lindsay Lohan and Burberry’s Rosie Huntingdon-Whitely) that makes it more Victoria’s Secret than Vivid Pictures.