November 22, 2011 VIDEO ⁄  BLU-LO: TRIPPIN’ OUT HOP

When Blu felt the corp-rats at Warner Bruvs cramping his style, he sent them a firm BACK THE FUCK UP by enlisting Low End Theorists Flying Lotus and Samiyam on production duties. As relations soured, he added insult to injury by leaking his album NoYork! at a gig. Snoop, pay attention, this is a lesson in gangsta.

DOINNOTHIN’ is the second Blu and Flying Lotus collaboration to get a music video animated by Ruffmercy. Its flashing colours and trippy blend of film and animation is the perfect visual complement to Blu-Lo’s future thinking jams. A word of warning though: it’s not recommended for people prone to seizures or terrifying acid flashbacks.