November 25, 2011 SOUNDS ⁄  KID WZRD

Kid Cudi has a new musical venture: a rock project… called WZRD. It’s the freshest notch on his bedpost of musical collaborations, which range from rap’s favourite gay fish Kanye, to acid-glazed space cadets MGMT, to that shameless cheesemong(er) David Guetta.

We can’t decide whether he’s pulling this creative energy from a profound, all-encompassing knowledge of music … or a short attention span that hints at ADD.

The heavy riffs and stoner drawl of this collaboration with Dot Da Genius (better known as Cudi’s producer) bless WZRD with Sabbath gnarliness. There’s big talk about these tracks giving “punk rock” the hip replacement it desperately needs “with a whole energy and sound”. We’re feeling the tunes, but those sorts of statements from an artist plastered across MTV make us think it’s time to switch off punk’s life support machine and send this WZRD back to Hogwarts.