November 29, 2011 SOUNDS ⁄  DOOM GENERATION


We caught up with underground rap’s masked warrior DOOM, his kid and a random dog in a park in Hackney,  where we shot him – and the breeze – for JUKE VOl.04. You’ll have to wait till Feb to read the full story, but let’s just say, our new unofficial political correspondent is your new favourite talking-head.



So you live in London now, what did you think of the riots?
The riots? Uh, retarded. If I had to say one word. The riots were retarded. But at the same time, it’s the kinda thing that’s gonna happen when you’ve got people that are oppressed and you got fucked up shit going on. But there’s a better way to handle the situation. But sometimes a riot is the only way they can show how they feel.

But you don’t think there was an excuse for it?
There’s really no excuse for acting retarded.

Do you think today’s recession means people starting out [in underground rap] have it even harder? What it all boils down to is we just gotta help each other out. Everything has to be more even. There should be no way that motherfuckers are starving to death. It makes no sense in a modern society.

 [And, on his new super secret project, codename: "Viberia"] We’re basically dictators, but friendly ones. You know, in music, I think I’m doing good for my people. But I guess so did Gadaffi…


By Tom Hall

Photos: Alex De Mora

[For JUKE Vol.04]