December 13, 2011 SIGHTS ⁄  OCCUPY… SOMETHING


3D Occupy Radio Mix by Occupy Radio

Last week our favourite creep, Thom Yorke and aging trip-hoppers 3D and Tim Goldsworthy put on a gig to show solidarity with the great unwashed behind #Occupy. We’re not sure how many of the 100 specially invited guests at Hackney’s ‘Bank of Ideas’ were unwashed, nor what that would even smell like, but there’s no doubting these musicians’ credibility as #Occupy-ers. They’ve also launched Occupation Records to raise money for the movement and Soundcloud-based Occupy Radio’s there to soundtrack the goosebumps and grande gingerbread latte runs.

We’re not sure how legit other celebrity involvement has been though. Katy Perry and Russell Brand’s recent appearance for the LA chapter looks like a mere tweet opportunity, while Jay-Z’s ‘Occupy All Streets’ t-shirts are probably his most cynical money-grab since retiring from the crack hustle. JUKE thinks these hype-hungry celebs should get off the bandwagon and stick to making sex tapes. Either that or find an alternative to capitalism. And that’s way more boring.