"Cathy Cowgirl" from General Idea on Vimeo.

January 16, 2012 SIGHTS ⁄  MOOS LIKE JAGGER

Moos like Jagger: Famed ‘popaganda’ artist Ron English and his band, The Electric Illuminati, combine rock ‘n roll with surrealist animations of highly sexualised cows in Cathy Cowgirl, their Bono-esque protest against the use of bovine growth hormone.

Probably conceived on an acid-trip to Chernobyl, Cathy’s sultry curves incite smutty thoughts that will make you burn with shame. Etched onto your retinas, the repulsion forces you to ponder the morality of genetically-modified beef in ways that lynched milkmen and petrol-bombed butcher shops never could.