January 18, 2012 VIDEO ⁄  A.Hop from A.Chal.

A.Hop from A.Chal.

Keeping with 2011’s trend of the anti-celeb, A. Chal is the latest faceless, hype-shy tastemaker to speak only in twitterised haiku and live on an ironically titled tumblr. Having dropped numerous codeine-slurred edits of Drake, Radiohead and Kanye West among others in the past, Roses On Your Silhouette is his first original effort.

Unfortunately for Ale-ale-jandro Chal, his homies at hip-hop collective GFCnewyork outed him as their long-time producer, Precize. He’s also a music director in the high fashion netherworld, having worked for Ralph Lauren and Nicole Farhi. With that sort of resume you’d think he’d have a mouth to rival Ye’s. But no… all we can hear is this sweetass track. Go hip-hop.