January 19, 2012 VIDEO ⁄  AZALEA VS AZEALIA (kinda)


Australian-born Iggy only moved to America five years ago and already sounds more ghetto than the cheeseburger peddling crackhead in Menace II Society. But thugging’s tough – and after 2k11’s femcee deluge, Iggy Azalea has entered a competitive market.

Rumour has it Def Jam are thinking about taking a punt on her, but to insure their investment they’ve appointed A$AP Rocky as her celebrity boo, possibly so that, at some point in the dead-eyed organ grinding, some hype-herpes might rub off on their dubious acquisition.

In her slo-mo ode to forbidden love, The Last Song, she avoids the blatantly Azealia Banks-inspired double-time, highly-sexed rhymes from past output. But still, the myriad of parallels – you know, like having almost the exact same name – suggest that Ms Azalea is shaping up to be Banks’s…least worrying threat.