January 23, 2012 SOUNDS ⁄  KU KLUX GLAM

KU KLUX GLAM:  Ariel’s off on one

Psych-pop heavyweights Ariel Pink (our JUKE Vol.03 cover star) and R. Stevie Moore have already achieved neo-luddite, lo-fi mastery and now seem increasingly concerned with subliminal right-wing rhetoric. Releasing the latest cut from their Ku Klux Glam project, SteviePink JavaScript, on 88 limited-edition 7” copies caught our attention like marching jackboots and made us a little worried for their state of mind.

Maybe wearing tinfoil hats and scanning Lady Gaga videos for illuminati symbolism put us on edge, but 88 is a numerated national socialist salutation to that notorious goose-stepping Austrian Führer (‘H’ is the 8th letter of the alphabet). Quick, buy a copy and play it backwards!