January 27, 2012 SIGHTS ⁄  GRIND CORE


Didn’t we tell you that skate vids weren’t all just radness for your peepers? Sure, JUKE Vol. 01 was many baggies ago, long before your issues with repetitive thrash injury – but you got to hold on to these noggin nuggets! Yeah, back in our launch issue, we chatted up skate legend Ed Templeton on a ‘skate videos are a cool way to seed new music’ tip.  And, we also interviewed Sonic Youth’s Thurston and Kim (RIP marriage!) twice in one day (and she broke a Gareth Pugh shoe on the shoot somehow and we had to be cool about it). But where was the connection? In the universe, that’s where.Because now, this awesome documentary thing comes along and mashes Thurston and skateboards up together like some sort of avant-gardrail gastropub experiment. It’s really sweet hearing how all the scenes are connected and how everyone got introduced to one another as Thurston takes the floor in this video and ollies his words across some important groundshifts in skateboarding soundtracks and then Ed Templeton’s all like, yeah totally. Anyways, promise we’re not like, feeding you Werther’s and dribbling out “I told you so”s through sickening gummy smiles. But you know, well, we kinda are. SKATEBOARDING SOUNDTRACKS ARE COOL AND HAVE BETTER MUSIC THAN MOST BARS.  We told you so.

Thanks to our old JUKE bro and skate nerd Justin Mulcahy for most of these words (and a lot of other words that made us pass out and vom simultaneously).