February 14, 2012 SOUNDS ⁄  SHLOMOVOXO


Pretty lo-fi white guy, Shlomo, who we’ve raved…I mean, been cool about… on here for TIME, used the Internet as a sort of digital KY to penetrate Crew Love, Drake’s G-(e)motional duet with the Weeknd, and turn it into a phonic threesome. Shlomo’s unofficial rework originally debuted to an online audience via live stream from WEDIDIT fest in December last year and it didn’t take long for some tunespotter to upload a grainy rip onto YouTube.

Rather than call the lawyers who checked the fine print on Drake’s lucrative Degrassi contract, the Weeknd rubber-stamped the bootleg via tumblr and asked Shlomo to make the now official remix available for free download. So another broadband bromance blossoms… what is this, match.com?