February 22, 2012 NIGHTS ⁄  D O O M – R O O M

D O O M – R O O M: Boiler Room/ Red Stripe MAKE Session 001 with JUKE and Lex Records
Last night, JUKE and Lex Records took over Boiler Room at their new secretive east London HQ for the very first Red Stripe MAKE session.

The virtuoso ensemble of evening entertainment included legendary rapping mad villain DOOM, electronic experimentalist Boom Bip and the world’s nicest scratcher, Buddy Peace. Jneiro Jarel, the production-half of DOOM’s new JJ DOOM project couldn’t make it, possibly due to a cognac accident, but we still created a tasteful tele-musical alternative to the Brit Awards’ industry circle-jerk. DOOM’s elusive reputation didn’t disappoint as he arrived under cover of darkness for a mini-break in our most supportive office chair, about 30 minutes after his set time (standard – except for the little live stream element), tore our ears to pieces with a seriously eclectic set – and left in a flash, dropping expensive earplugs in his wake like some kind of beefy Hansel and Gretel motherfucker.

If you didn’t tune in to the live stream, you’re a n00b. If you did, you’d have seen a guy in a mask following up Dirty Beaches with Shabazz Palaces. Neat. If you were there in person, your hair stinks of weed today and you left all your worldly belongings on the night bus because you can’t be trusted with free beer – no, not even on a Tuesday.