March 12, 2012 VIDEO ⁄  FEAR FUN: Nancy From Now On

FEAR FUN: Nancy From Now On

It’s Monday morning and you’re gainfully employed by some uptight asshole, but that doesn’t mean you can’t live in a perpetually disgusting Saturday state of mind. By watching something this unsafe for work (we had to google NSFW – our jobs necessitate a finger on the pulse of all things gross and/or boob-related)  your sweet bodily temple can stay pure, while some bearded dude gets mortal and is bullied by bitchy dominatrixes for your voyeuristic pleasure.

Life in a fast-fetish wonderland is even cooler when you’re using the drummer from Fleet Foxes’ body as a sex avatar for your wanton perversions. And also, think about it: what if every drummer took a note out of J. Tillman’s book and started his own band to express his unique sonic vision and get more pussy. There might be more nice music like this. But also, almost definitely an influx of weird, annoying, hyperactive drummer-slut babies in West Hollywood.