March 19, 2012 SOUNDS ⁄  OLD FUTURE


We were kind of worried we might never hear from OFWGKTA’s Earl Sweatshirt again. And if we did, would it even be the same ol’ Sweatz? What if Odd Future’s adolescent orator returned from his Samoan exile irreparably reformed, spitting sanitised rhymes like a pocket-sized Fresh Prince? Does that gentrifying gulag his mum shipped him away to accept returns?

Luckily, Earl’s free – and nothing’s changed. His appearance on Oldie, an album closing, 10-minute rap attack from Golf Wang’s forthcoming OF Tape Vol. 2, proves he’s still the same foul-mouthed delinquent we know and love. Scheduled for release tomorrow, it leaked on the interwebs last weekend – a calamity XL Records miraculously avoided in the build up to Tyler’s much-hyped Goblin album. It might sound like the perfect plot line to a Scooby Doo mystery – but could it have been Earl’s mum that dropped the leakage? Or is that the Scoobie snax talkin?

This flashback in time is taking us to JUKE Vol.02, where we asked the burning question:”Is Earl retarded or does he just always look like that”

To which Tyler replied, “Earl is actually very intellectual. Have you listened to his music closely. He writers that shit”