March 20, 2012  ⁄  SKWEEM 5


When he isn’t making up weird genres, or pimping out his turntable skills to Britney Spears, Daniel Savio, the godfather of Scandinavia’s skwee scene, teams up with director Måns Nyman to lend a helping voice to the polite society’s downtrodden outcasts, like some sort of synth-wielding Mother Teresa.

In the psychedelic video for Revolt, (taken from Savio’s new, self-titled album scheduled for March 26th on Norway’s Dødpop records) Nyman depicts junkies, prozzies and people who may or may not shop at Matalan as scavenging animals – reflecting their systematic dehumanization by the moral majority. Arguing that these lovable rejects are ‘beautiful and powerful survivors’, Nyman turns to the ever-awesome animal kingdom to put a positive spin on mid-afternoon K cider binges.