We aren’t really the types to be found at album preview playbacks. We’ve usually had the leaked version for two months already, or we just don’t really…. care?

But my God, last night’s affair was different. We had heard through a particularly reliable grapevine that the Mayor of Lambeth was going to be there, in person! We weren’t disappointed. After the odd 45 minutes, spent awkwardly behaving ourselves in a fancy chamber in County Hall, while some very loud music played, Mayor Councillor Christiana Valcarcel herself took the floor for question time. Her subject: some pale ass dude.

Dressed in her usual eye-catching red robes, she politely questioned the young troubadour about his solo album Blunderbuss – and teased him gently about his teenage upholstery business, kissing and life in Nashville. As always, her devilish smile and charming demeanour had the audience eating out of her fragrant hand. Somebody pinch us, we don’t want to wake up from this dream where all suicidally-boring things are suddenly as cool as this woman.

(PHOTO:Phil Sharp)