March 29, 2012 VIDEO ⁄  GRIP OFF


Unlike many bands, Sacramento synth-crust nightmare-rap trio, Death Grips, don’t ponce about in the studio for years, racking up lines instead of records. As the global hipster and rapestep community circle jerk reaches a gross-smelling fever pitch around DG’s whole unique and terrifying politicised, psychological hellhole vibe, the guys are cannily (or maybe, just because they’re mental and their insanity superpower is really loving hard work) dropping not one, but TWO LPs this year.

The first: The Money Store, scheduled for April 23rd on Epic, marks their major label debut. And The Fever (Aye Aye) is the fourth track that ‘Grips have seemingly prematurely previewed in some kind of Robin Hood move, like a death grip on corporate balls! Yeah! Like you, we may or may not have the whole album already and it’s so ridiculously weird and cool that who knows? We might be setting up camp outside wherever they sell records these days to get our copy come the actual release. (Maybe).

You can catch Death Grips in JUKE Vol.04, The Weird Issue – OUT SOON!