April 24, 2012 SIGHTS ⁄  ANONY-FI

This weekend, militant hackheads Anonymous upped the ante against gluttonous corp-rats, including the Record Industry Association of America (you know, the guys who want to restrict your access to free music while they eat caviar off supermodels’ gold-plated bumcheeks) by launching their own online streaming service and social network, Anontune.

Anontune works pretty much like streaming music on YouTube: type in Slayer (or… something) and Anontune then pulls the tunes from third party streaming sites like Soundcloud and puts it into a playlist that you can share with other users or play back whenever you like. A 20% beta vibe is available on anontune.com now, although Wired┬ámagazine claims it could mess with your computer worse than Romanian dwarf porn.

The service is entirely free and your identity will, predictably, be kept anonymous. The creators claim to have learnt from past piracy pioneers like Limewire and will not host copyrighted music or allow downloads, therefore protecting users from legal ramifications. Their YouTube-based public service announcement explains the rest, while the soundtrack proves our casual theory that Anonymous dress like World of Warcraft avatars, exist on novelty hummus multipacks and have flash drives for thumbs.