April 26, 2012 VIDEO ⁄  YACHT. ARE WEIRD.


In a nod to the ghosts of batshit past, electro-experimentalists YACHT mark the beginning of their EU tour tonight in Nantes, with a cover of Le GoudronBrigitte Fontaine’s 1969 apocalypto-pop collab with Chi-towns avant-jazz Art Ensemble. Unlike the original, it’s better suited to a dancefloor than a colonial opium den.

In case you don’t understand French, Brigitte’s lyrics first suggest we eat a shit ton of doughnuts, fries and chicken – before checking into a motel room to co-cannibalise each other. This probably won’t bother YACHT songstress Claire Evans though; her all-girl side project, The World Court, allegedly formed in the summer of 2006 with a blood ceremony that bound the trio and their instruments. To some this might sound like a cultist one-man band, to us it’s just a fancy way of saying they’ve sonically synched their menstrual cycles. Uh, hello? JUKE’s been a world of pain every 4th week like clockwork since ’76 – even the straight dude.