April 27, 2012 FASHI ⁄  BIRTH OF VENUS


NY’s latest pretty muthafunker Venus X is a dj, clotheshorse, post-goth ghetto ghoul and all-round badass moon rising While we’re not usually blinded by beautiful young girls with the hypemachine at their fingertips, we’ll make an exception for any one who can throw bleeding-edge NY queercore, Alien Sex Fiend and Waka tracks together in one mixtape. Here’s the cyberdawg’s sonic mindmeld. And here’s some visual stimulation. Get familiar.



Wacka Flocka & Slim Dunkin’ – Koolin’ It

Fatima Al Qadiri – How Can I Resist U

Sissy Nobby – Crazy Bout My Boyfriend (Loopy)

Alien Sex Fiend – Walk The Line

DJ Exota – Love 4 Bass

Cybergiga – Bruxia Gruv

David Vandetta ft. Haifa Wehbe – Yama Layali

Eifel 65 – I’m Blue (Jumpstyle Remix)

El Shick – Prendelo Prendelo

House of Ladosha – I’m Carrying

Kevin Prodigy – If I Throw My Pussy in the Air

Misionero – Dembow Rocoloco

Nguzunguzu – Got U

Rotterdam Terror Corps – God is a Gabba

Total Freedom – Nilcap meets the Qur’an

Unknown – His Eye is on the Sparrow



Photos Cameron Alexander
Styling Madeleine Østlie


Cap aNYthing

Jewellery Dominic Jones

Clothing  Shaun Samson

MAN DEM t-shirt: Stylist’s own