May 3, 2012 VIDEO ⁄  FERGU$ CHRI$T

After several tunes spent dancing in the background like a limping Sasquatch, A$AP Ferg is the first of Rocky’s crew to step out of his pretty shadow and into the light, to rap a confessional alongside some heavy Catho-cinematics.

A Hundred Million Roses is set for release on an A$AP mob compilation later this year – and evidently, those months spent as a Rocky side order haven’t blunted Ferg’s ego. Reminiscent of Yeezy’s 2006 Rolling Stone cover, Ferg humbly hoists himself all up on a crucifix and rhymes his own eulogy, like some sorta patron saint of trill. We’re not sure whose sins he’s dying for, but have it on good authority that the sheer blasphemy quotient has wiped Cradle of Filth’s slate clean.