June 13, 2012 SOUNDS ⁄  LOV CHILD


Mysterious beatician, Child of Lov, only crawled out of the damp darkness of the blogosphere last month. He follows up his Heal demo with another piece of psych-hop: Give Me. Since his arrival on ‘the scene’ (our computer monitors) – he’s rocked this year’s must-have accesssory – the shroud of Internet anonymity – last fashionable on late-90s sex pests (before the FBI started posing as horny tweens).

Give Me by The Child of Lov

It’s rumoured Give Me will feature on his forthcoming Summer mixtape – and that he’s set for a couple of collabs with metal-faced mad villain (and JUKE Vol.04 iguana enthusiast), DOOM and blurry Britpopper, Damon Albarn – although we wouldn’t be surprised if C-Lov is actually just another animated Albarn side project. Now that’s a rumour to get behind.