June 27, 2012 SOUNDS ⁄  SLEEPOVER


Unlike their fellow Brooklynite wannabes, SLEEPiES aren’t another troupe of paedo-tached synth-fetishists. Instead, they conjure up flashbacks of good old glue-huffing punk rock, just before everyone started playing so fast that they began to sound like blenders on reverb.

Sleepies – Seriously (Evil Radio Edit) by GODMODEINTERNET

Seriously is a taste of their new album, Weird Wild World. It’s more polished than their previous efforts, largely thanks to the production efforts of Ben Greenberg, who you’ve probably heard riff-fiddling here as one of The Men. Anyway, it sounds a little like an irate Pavement or a slacker Crass bringing the ruckus with The Fall  - and that’s enough to stop the BK snoozefest for now.