Last Days Here tells the story of Bobby Liebling – the bird-like frontman of seminal doom metal wizards, Pentagram. Since their moody conception in a cauldron of weed demons in 71, they flirted with fame in ’75, before Bobby lost his shit and found heroin. For decades, they’ve been the cult sonic property of record store clerks, namedroppers and trve metal fans. But now, thank Zuul, they’re enjoying a dead cat bounce surge in popularity.

Bobby’s been given his methadone shot at redemption and filmmakers Don Argott and Damian Fleton (Rock School, The Art of the Steal) have shadowed his journey from shooting junk at his parents’ house, to running around onstage in his mum’s clothes to the adoring handful of Cousin Itt lookalikes young enough to be his grandkids. Savour life’s emotional stew with The Black Sabbath Who Wasn’t.