October 16, 2012 VIDEO ⁄  I.R.O.K – Earthy Girls

I.R.O.K – Goodbye, Earth; hello, New York!

Earth girls may be easy, but I.R.O.K are done creeping on this astral plane. This ‘Earthy Girls’ video might not be actual proof that there’s intelligent life…anywhere… but we’re pretty worried the Intergalactic Republic of Kongo is art directing our innermost thoughts from a joystick in some Moroccan opium den. Just saying: that crew of Brazilian bounce dancers were on OUR pizza FIRST. If you’re anywhere near New York and you don’t head down to see these maniacs in action, you are playing life too safe and you’re going to work in human resources till your balls turn into branded mousemats.

We asked frontman Mike Title about the ‘Earthy Girls’ concept. Here’s his cosmic explanation. “We are all earthy girls – it’s when we slip into the ordinary. The protagonist in said story has desires to leave these ordinary dimensions and to seek out a new way of copulating in another place, far from here. No longer on the computer simulated planet earth – he endeavours to connect with an emotion that has been corrupted by his own actions. Is it too late? Tune in and see.”

I.R.O.K plays NYC:
Wed 17 Oct @ The Cake Shop
Thur 18 Oct @ Xpo 929, BK
Saturday 20 Oct @ The Flat, Williamsburg
Download “Earthy Girls” for free on the 26 October.

You can also read singer Mike Title’s interview with P-Funk legend and fellow space cadet, George Clinton in JUKE Vol.04, out on newsstands in 50 countries NOW. Or online, right over here, if you’re broke and impatient (and awesome).