October 23, 2012 JUKEBOX ⁄  ALBUM: Kubiat Nnamdie

ALBUM: Kubiat Nnamdie

Kubiat Nnamdie is an artist from Miami, Florida, who uses video, photography, sculpture and painting to channel his passion for occult, mysticism, ritual and psychology. If that’s not interesting enough for you rabid hyenas, he was also breaking new rap talent in his hometown and evangelizing about SpaceghostPurrp and Mykki Blanco, while the rest of the world was snoozing standing up, or whatever it is we do that makes us half as productive as Kubiat.If you like what you see, he’s got a duo book published by Italian publishing house Talkinass out now, a group show next week (November 2nd) and of course, a whole bunch of his imagery coming at you via JUKE, since we’ve basically adopted him as our Sunshine State eyes and ears. Watch this space for his candid brodown with Spaceghost later this week and for now, get into his sonic moodboard which runs from John Maus to Jacuzzi Boys.



1. Dream Affair – The Porter

2. This Heart Electric – Nowhere To Run

3. John Maus – Keep Pushing On

4. Manny Mangos – Runaway Demo

5. Dream 2 Science – Mystery of Love

6. Jacuzzi Boys- You Got It

7. Lofty305 – Friday 13

8. White Rainbow -Mystic Prism

9. Teepee -Time Meant Nothing

10. Wild Nothing- Paradise


1.Heaven Can Wait
2.Untitled Pink Boom
3.A Spirit Breaks Into Being
5.Rose Blush (Amanda)
6.Wave (Ethan)
7.Megan (Spinning)
8.Manuel’s Mind Island
9.Untitled (Gavin)
10. Intimacy Leak no.7