By Lucy Stehlik

We caught up with New York synthmeister Chrome Canyon to check Hurricane Sandy hadn’t nommed his Hammer Horror collection – and to get an exclusive slinky rework of JOHN CARPENTER’S HALLOWEEN THEME for all you disco-ballers. We called it Halloween: The Pumpkinweenie Edition (Chrome Canyon did not).


Hey Chrome Canyon – can’t start this without checking you’re OK and Hurricane Sandy isn’t giving you too much beef? We went on a walk a little while ago and it was pretty wild seeing how high the water is – here’s what it’s looking like:

Now we’re hanging out at home, which is a block from the evacuation zone.  It’s a bit crazy cause my studio/apartment has a lot of windows and skylights – but so far so good – my gf and I are passing the time watching some Cosmos.

Nice.  Ok – it’s Halloween, you’re there, dressed as Vangelis, the power is in your hands: out of the following people/things/phenomena - who’s a trick and who’s a treat?

First, Lil Bub - Def a treat! Confession: I have three cats and once started filming a documentary called “In Home Wildlife” which I wanted to shoot like a classic National Geographic show on lions, and score with some really dramatic synths.

Mitt Romney - Gross. Trick.

Obama (see what we did there?) - Treat.  I still believe in this guy so much.  He’s a big hero of mine.

Spotted Dick - I’m gonna have to say trick… I’m down with the dick part, but I’m not down with spots (I’m not a fan of raisins!).

Culottes - If you’re referring to “the knee-breeches commonly worn by gentlemen of the European upper classes from the late Middle Ages or Renaissance through the early nineteenth century“, I’m gonna have to say treat, those things are making a comeback for sure.  If however you mean a ‘Skort’ – I’d have to say trick.  The irony has worn off at this point.

Kim Jong-Il - Def a trick bitch, except when he’s up in da club.

Vegan - Treat.  I’m not, but I support it.  I think eating like most Americans do is idiotic, so any attempt to do better is good.  Hell yeah.  Go for it.

Ok, game over! Tell us about this ‘edit’ you’ve made – how did you go about the rigorous Halloween-themed selection process? Well I think the reason I chose the Halloween Theme to do an edit of on Halloween is pretty obvious.  John Carpenter rules, of course, but the theme is also weird because it’s in 5/4, which makes it really tricky to do an edit.  There are two different parts to what I did, the slower more beat-oriented first half and the more house-oriented second half.  This was pretty much me just figuring out how to chop up the theme and put it in a more regular grid so you can dance to it.  I thought the two different sections actually sounded cool juxtaposed so I left them both in.

You just got signed to Stones Throw, presume you’re putting mostly gold bullion in those trick-or-treat buckets?  Ha!  I wish.  I couldn’t imagine a better label to have been interested in me. Stones Throw is an absolute dream – but it doesn’t matter who you sign with these days, you’re not going to have instant gold bullion.  I’m not hurting though.  I’ve got a great studio and that’s about all you can ask for when you’re a nerd like me.

What’s the scariest thing that’s ever happened to you?When I was little, my dad took me rock climbing up in the canyon behind our house.  There was a cliff that we started climbing (I was probably 5 or 6).  When we got almost up to the top there was a rock wall that we still had to go up, and below it was about a 150 foot drop – which when you’re 5 might as well be a mile.  I lost it, it was terrifying.  My dad had to carry me the rest of the way on his back like a monkey… haha!  I don’t think I’ve ever felt so panicky!  We made it though…

What’s the grossest thing you’ve ever eaten? Sea cucumber.  Talk about spotted dick.  Yuck.

What’s the creepiest thing you’ve ever seen? I once watched a black widow spider eat her male lover.  Creepy!

 What’s the most ghoulish key to write a song in? Eb Minor is ghoulish for sure.  And the tritone from Eb is A which makes for a pretty creepy set of changes. Throw in some diminished scales and you’re on your way!

 Go forth and scarify, kids, if you survive ‘the drop’ around the 3:33 mark on this bad boy.