JUKE’s Miami eyes and ears, Kubiat Nnamdie, gets the lowdown from the RVIDXR KLVN’s founding father

After bumping into my homie SpaceghostPurrp at a party in Miami, I caught up with the Carol City native and ‘Hades of the rap game’ on the phone to see what’s new with the 2.7.5. crew, clear some rumours that he quit rapping for good and talk about his new project, Sex Money Drugs. I got the message loud and clear: SpaceghostPurrp is a creative force, who’s showing no signs of slowing down.

J& A

Last time that we bumped into each other was at Peachfuzz at the Garret with the 2.7.5 crew. How did that night turn out? And what have you been up to since then? Well the night was, you know, pretty cool. I was with Ethelwulf – we was chillin’ – had Chris Travis out there too. We was out there, having a good time and shit. I‘ve just been living life, being lowkey and shit.

Do you have any idea how the rumour you were quitting rap came about? I don’t know. I was on Facebook one day and I was writing some shit – that I be like, trying to be behind the scenes for a little bit. I guess everybody was just like making it a big deal. BET put it up like, what the fuck?

Yeah I don’t know how that blew up so quickly. It’s a great thing you’ve remained unstirred by that rumour – and those A$AP related ones – and continue to be positive. Best thing I can do, man, is ignore all the bullshit – you feel me?

Yeah. That’s the best thing I do man. Like THAT’s why. Instead of fucking up. I can’t entertain nobody – not entertaining bullshit. As long as I keep ignoring they ass, I’ll be alright.

That’s true. So what you were saying earlier – the whole thing about you quitting music – was just because you put something on Facebook.  So it was just kind of… playing around? It wasn’t a joke. It was just like letting people know: this is what’s good. This is what I want to do, for now. I don’t want to have shit to do with manipulators and shit like that and snake-ass niggas. That’s basically what I was saying. I was just saying it in a professional way. You know I guess the professional people they took it seriously! I’m like, man, y’all trippin’!

[Laughs] Calm down with that shit, man!

So you used to draw when you were younger right? Yeah.

Who designed the artwork for the new project, Sex Money Drugs? Oh,I did it. I was just in the crib. I was gonna put words on it. Then was like, nah, take that off! Like that picture describes where my head’s at right now – what’s going on in my life. You feel me? Everything on that picture, that’s what I see.

So it’s loaded with symbolism about what’s going on right now? Yeah about what I’ve been seeing, you know, what I’m saying. That picture represents the image of a southern player, like a baller.

So what’s new for 2.7.5 crew? Well for us, we just working hard. We not stoppin’. Like, people still sleeping on us. Honestly! We being black balled!

Yeah? I mean I ain’t gonna say names or whatever. Let me just keep it real. I know we being blackballed right now. Cause if we wasn’t, more people would be reaching out to us. I know people see how talented my people is. It’s like, why should you have to not reach out to some talented kids, because we have issues with another group of people. That’s childish as fuck. You know,at’s the game – you feel me? We don’t give a fuck at the end of the day, as long as people in our city give a fuck. Then we give a fuck. That’s all we care about.

Yeah – and you are representing the city pretty well. I gave the new track ‘Swervin” a listen. I feel it’s a bit more mature; you’re zeroing in on Southern culture pretty well. What is that song really about for you? It’s just about you know, me living the life of a baller, ridding around, going places, picking up bitches. Something a man would want to do when he get a new car. You know ride around, pick up some females, go to a strip club and throw the money. Then you wake up the next day, your homeboy like, “I got some problems”, then you get in your new car, get ya homeboys up, go kick everybody ass and then swerve away from the police.

So it’s a day in the life? Yeah.

What else can you tell me about this new project you got coming up? All I’m gonna say, it’s gonna be ten times better than the last project. I mean I wouldn’t even say ten times better! Wouldn’t want to be too cocky. What I’m gonna say the best is gonna be, good enough to listen to in the car, mainly in the car, maybe in the club, but mostly in the strip club. You know what I’m sayin’.

Speaking of strip clubs, do you visit King of Diamonds frequently? Or no?
Nah only way I’ma go in that bitch is when everything is alright.

I feel like… you’ve got quite a sense of humour. Where does the playfulness come from? Comes from being an Aries. You know, we very giddy at times. And we can be assholes. Shit like that. I’m a big asshole, I try not to be in public. It’s hard for me to be an asshole in public, cause people be like “Oh lalala, I like your music” or whatever. I be like thank you so much, but you know like some of those people OD. You know over do shit. It’s like OK, I heard you.

Too much of a fanatic maybe? It’s like they cheesing right in your face, it’s like what are you doing? Back the fuck up. You know? But I am a fan of some people too…

Yeah, but I think you’re talking about fake people maybe trying to come into your space. Right exactly exactly. Oh shit! You my nigga dog, yes you my nigga for that one.

Rather be Naga, naga serpent but yeah. Alright you my homie for that, you 100% homie for that. My bad, I take that back.

So yeah you’re anti-fake people, but you’re open to people telling you they love what you do. Yeah, I mean, know a fake when I see one man.

During our shoot you mentioned “it’s all about the melanin”. Do you have a deep interest in Egyptian culture or magick? Well I’m not into the magick shit – I know a whole lot about it. But the melanin – yeah. I’m into the Egyptian shit, I’m into that shit heavy.

You know, the Egyptians were melanated , they were the Moors. That’s why I was asking about magick and Egyptian culture. Everything America they trip, got everything scattered and just twisted it. We both know that though.

Yeah they did twist a lot of things. Cause everything from the Motherland.

So yeah, what do you know about Egyptian culture? Because I’m interested in what you know. I know you made a song about an Egyptian god. Well I made that song ‘Osiris’, cause I feel like I’m Osiris, but I really feel like I’m Hades on this rap shit.  Everybody hated Hades, in the Greek myth shit. Everybody was forced to hate him, but he was wise. People got famous from him, he would give them fame and they sell their soul to him. So I feel like that’s what I’ve been doing for people. Making  people get known, not making  people sell they soul to me, but – you know what I’m sayin? Giving them wisdom, you know, shit like that, but from the dark side.

Dark matter womb, that’s where it all began in the dark. Right.

Alright 13 Love to you man. Alright later homie.

JUKE fam, you can snatch up ‘Swervin’ for free here