November 20, 2012 VIDEO ⁄  (C)RUSH MIDNIGHT


Russell Manning, aka Twin Shadow‘s bassist, is doing his own thing. Rush Midnight, to be exact, and it’s all about Beverly Hills Cop synths (Yamaha DX7s, geeks) and a tropical funk so smooth you can play air hockey off its butt (seriously, it’s like polished marble). Now, we’re not prudes, but usually  ’sexy’ jams from cool guys in tank tops make us feel sad (and stabby). You’re in luck, future innocent puncture victims of JUKE HQ surrounds: this video features NY’s Waffle Crew dancers getting silly on a stinky subway and our turbulent emotional spectrum is resting pleasantly on ‘mild hangover’, as usual.

Rush Midnight’s debut EP, +1 (produced by Twin Shadow front-quiff, George Lewis Jr.) is out now.