December 10, 2012 VIDEO ⁄  IO ECHO: OUTSIDERS

By the time you read this post, alien lifeforms many light years away will be planning their new species, using just Io Echo and space Quaaludes to repopulate their moonscapes.

Io Echo are basically two genetically superior people with hot person names (Leopold Ross and Ionna Gika), slinging brooding, reverb-heavy, 80s suicide-pop at us from band HQ in sunny LA. If you get depressed by ‘relevant’ namechecks, look away now. She’s wearing a Jeremy Scott hologram kimono in this video, which channels Warhol’s Factory; they’ve worked on a Harmony Korine soundtrack, they’ve toured the US with Florence and the Machine and the Big Pink (London-born Ross plays bass for them, incidentally) and they opened for Nine Inch Nails’ last-ever show.

More importantly, they’re known to blow chunks on stage, which is all we need to know for sure that someone’s down.