December 12, 2012 SIGHTS ⁄  HERE’S YOUR KNIFE BACK



Scando-sphinxes The Knife are teasing us again with Knifeyleaks of their almost-definitely-happening new album,¬†Shaking The Habitual. We know Light Asylum‘s Shannon Funchess is involved. We’re pretty sure Planningtorock’s gonna pop up somewhere. We know they’ve gone for wigs instead of beaks this time around. We strongly suspect we could never look cool in the blue-boiler-suit-with-heels outfit in this video. We know as little as the Dreijer siblings want us to know, basically, and as usual, we’ll just enjoy being in the dark, drooling all chewed-up fingernail stumps, until they blow us away with their album (out on Mute…in Spring… quite possibly.)