January 9, 2013 SIGHTS ⁄  ALBUM: MOWGLI


The latest loinclothed manchild we’re welcoming to the JUKE fam is Mowgli, aka Adrian Morris, a graphic wunderkind we kidnapped  from a perfectly successful career in New York. His music taste is as weird and unpredictable as our professional love for him. Here, look at some of his pretty pictures while ingesting the soothing sounds of a madman’s Shuffle.



Wind Loop – Teebs

Rock It Number Nine – Metaform

Coming Back – J Dilla

Bound Ball – Teebs

Amnesia – Blu(e).

Ninety-two (Gone) – Apollo Brown

Elder Blossoms – Metal Fingers

Antarticat – Kwala

Desire – Jenova 7

Birdz n BeezBlu