March 15, 2013 NIGHTS ⁄  FESTIVAL #1: HELLFEST 2013


Metal fans out there should already know Hellfest rules the roost when it comes to summer riff chasing. The name alone is enough to make us wanna go (let alone the oozing Brie). ¬†Every year Clisson, France gets consumed by weirdos one sunny June weekend. It’s worth the trip to see a the local supermarket full of dudes in corpse paint buying baguettes.

Whether you’re into dad rock, stoner rock, death metal, grindcore, industrial, straight-up heavy metal, ok, or even the Korniest nu-metal, there’s an iconic act for you. Sleep, KISS, Pig Destroyer, Atari Teenage Riot, Danzig, Immortal, Down, Testament.¬†Mmm… wine and cheese-flavoured metal.


By: Alex De Mora