April 5, 2013  ⁄  ZIG ZAGS: THIS IS L.A.


 Zig Zags are a rare breed. A band that reminds you why you started listening to loud punk rock in the first place. The video for the A-side to their Mexican Summer-released single ‘Scavenger’just belched onto the internet: loud, raucous and heavy-riffing; while 2011’s Party at Dave’s House was all motorik krautrock jams and vibed-out Stooge-punk. Basically, Zig Zags churn out music as eclectic as Courtney Love’s bathroom cabinet.

One of the first shows Zig Zags played was on a closed-down stretch of road in downtown L.A. where the 3,000 attendees could hear the band from over six blocks away. As long as you’re no freeloader, ZZ play it just like we want it on the West Coast.


This is the weird issue of JUKE. What can you tell us? Patrick: Jed has some pretty fucking crazy stories from when he worked at Hustler and was bros with Larry Flynt.

Jed: Yeah basically, I didn’t do anything except come up with funny names for porn movies. People would tell me what they wanted to see and it would get made into a movie. That’s how the classic film “America’s Next Top Butthole” came to fruition.

 I saw you played a party in the desert outside L.A. recently. Patrick: Yeah we played out at the Palms Tavern in Twentynine Palms. There’s this completely lawless free-for-all vibe that governs the place. Forgotten in time, I suppose.

Jed: We shot off some model rockets everyone took a bunch of drugs and we freaked and got freaked out by the locals.

Patrick: They have a jukebox that doesn’t work. All of the song cards list only one song/artist. ‘Under The Milky Way Tonight’ by The Church. That fucks with my mind. Also, the drinks are either, free, really cheap, or really expensive; depending on when you order and if the barkeep remembers what to charge, if they even charge you at all.

Drink and party. Is there anything else to do in this town? Jed: L.A. is actually pretty rad. It has the weirdest of the weird from all over the globe and you can make your own reality here, without getting pissed on by the rain.

Patrick: Apparently you can do yoga and eat fucking kale for every meal, but I try to avoid that. LA is the most amazing place. Everyone hates on it, so that’s fine, don’t fucking come here then.

So you recently signed to Mexican Summer. Patrick: We just did a bro deal with them for the 7″. No contracts or whatever.

Jed: We just do it ourselves and if someone wants to step in and put it out, and they’re good people and they want to do it right, they can.

If the wrong person stepped in would you wipe your ass with a record contract? Patrick: This is the digital age and we don’t use paper contracts any more. So no, we wouldn’t wipe our ass with the contract – we’d just shit on their mouse or something.

(Laughs) So if  Simon Cowell came in and offered you a million bucks to do a split with Zig and Zag, you’d shit on his mouse? Patrick: Yes.

The 7” is like side A: Motörhead, against side B: The Stooges. Who’d win in a fight? Patrick: Yeah, we confuse the shit out of people. A-side is Budgie / Motörhead covered by high school kids and the B-side is a snotty, West coast, skate punk song.

Jed: Isn’t this like that joke from that shitty movie? Lemmy can’t fight God, cause he is God right? So Lemmy wins. I went to the Rainbow on Christmas eve to buy Lemmy a Jack and Coke and he wasn’t there.

The single has some pretty batshit crazy cover art. Jed: Chad from this rad band The Outdoorsmen drew it. It’s freeloaders coming to my house when I have BBQ’s and not bringing beer or weed or food or whatever. There’s a lot of freegans in L.A. Vegans that don’t eat meat or ice cream, unless it’s free.

We’ve always been told there’s no such thing as a free lunch. Is there such a thing as a free ice cream? Jed: There used to be a guy who drove around all over the states giving out free ice cream at shows. So yeah, sometimes you get free ice cream. Bands used to get paid, but everyone complained in the comments section on YouTube so now we just get ice cream.

Patrick: (Laughs) Chad’s got an amazing hand for drawing really fucked up shit. Like, even we had to tone down the cover image a bit. There were dicks everywhere screwing cactuses and such. Pretty rad but what would our moms think? (Laughs).

What would Larry Flynt have thought? Jed: Fart fart burp cough pussy pussy pussy food vomit…


By Robert McCallum

Photos Peter Juhl

[For JUKE Vol.04 - The Weird Issue]