April 15, 2013 SOUNDS ⁄  JAI PAUL: ROBBED!


Dalston is reeling after news of the most audacious Macbook teefage since Jesse Pinkman’s got swiped and Breaking Bad geeks had to take blood oaths not to read any spoiler alerts. (No worthy moral codes exist in the buzzband sphere, apparently). The latest hipster-on-hipster theft, involving Jai Paul (the elusive one-track unicorn from outer Tumblr) and a very buzzwise (and possibly chill) criminal – came to our attention just after we’d written a tentative post about the record. In fact, the 16 track collection being advertised on Bandcamp this morning as Jai Paul’s debut album is an illegal leak.

After fans forked over the random sum of £7 to download 16 unnamed and unclaimed tracks, it transpired that Paul’s laptop had been stolen. Paul confirmed the release to be fake in his first ever tweet: “To confirm: demos on bandcamp were not uploaded by me, this is not my debut album. Please don’t buy. Statement to follow later.”  Yes, as far as crimes go, this one’s about as badman as photoshopping Lil Bub as a victim of a Furries gang rape  - and, with actual money from fans being swindled, just as horrifying. Oh well, if you’re kind of post-empathy and craving actual new sounds from the Jai Paul (band)camp, you can still go stream an awesome cover of Jennifer Paige’s 90s cheesewave anthem ‘Crush’ right now! Who says crime doesn’t pay?