July 3, 2013  ⁄  JUKE Vol.05 – THE ALTER EGO ISSUE

Dear JUKE fam,

JUKE is dead, but its vibe lives on – not on pretty, retarded paper – but right here, where you guys can come and pour one for your homie any time. Plus it’s free and more people can see it this way.

Why did it take so long to get it up here? A little grieving and a lot of boring stuff you don’t want to know about – it’s been a crazy ride since 2009 when me, Yassa and Dan decided to make a music magazine that didn’t suck. But it’s here (finally), we’re queer (mostly), corner us any time and we’ll buy you a beer (maybe).

If you love Brooke Candy, Daniel Johnston, RiFF RAFF, Spike Jonze, Ghostface, Iggy Pop, Jacuzzi Boys, Sasha GoHard, Mykki Blanco, Jungle Pussy, Wavy Spice, Issue, 100s or Suicidal Tendencies, or you want to gawk at NY’s underground Kiki ball scene, Chicago drillers since the Keefnado rolled out of town, or east LA’s backyard punk shows, click on THIS (we made the issue its own fancy microsite – those magazine reader things are all gross).

Thank you to our incredible Producers – our contributors: easily the best in the world (I mean, look at this thing for fuck’s sake). If you have even a squillionth of the love in your heart for what you’re doing and the people you do it with as we did, keep doing it. A massive thank you to the amazing people we met along the way.

B O O M.

Lucy + Yassa